English Biography Ernesto Panama

English Biography Ernesto Panama, Mind, thought and feeling, are the instruments to create the desired reality.

Ernesto Panamá escribe desde 1983
Ocho estilos literarios integran su oferta literaria la ficción y no ficció están entre ellas

In our minds thoughts are formed and with these we are able to create worlds, universes, formidable creatures, tell history, invent plots from beginning to end or simply describe the form and qualities of what we observe.

When these three elements are worked together, they possess enough energy to vibrate with the universe and that is when we are able to move mountains.

This is a discovery recently revealed to us, but it is so ancient that it forms part of the rituals of ancient civilizations.

This trilogy was unknown to me ten years ago when I started the path of writer; knowing it now, that I have gained more experience, will allow to add this knowledge to the initial objective of promoting the truth, in the new works to be published.

In this way we will avoid that the hidden truth will deceive the people and the population knowing the treasure that has, can put into practice this power for the benefit of their communities and the universe.

In my writings this new, but ancestral knowledge that as humans we possess, will be added, to put it into practice.

Ten works by now are available for reading and there are five more in process, which only await my time, to be published.

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