Find a reason to live.

All animals, plants and humans live.

We are the only ones who can add “a reason” to life, so that time does not pass in vain.

Yes, we have something that make us different from other living beings and it´s called creativity.

Creating is the ability to use the mind to produce thoughts and bring into existence, something different, new or improved.

Live anyone does it.

Living in a creative way, can only be achieved by that person who dares to ask: Who am I?

And only after answering this question, which is in your inner universe, you will be able to understand the outer universe; and begin to understand the relationship with those who inhabit it.

Then you will find a difference between those who damage you and those who will be helpful to you. This is the time to make the decision about whom to follow and who to leave.

This will lead you to know, who can be a collaborator in your venture and you can associate with him and share knowledge and effort. Which will develop a new  product into existences, bringing a benefit to everyone.

You should always start at the beginning. Only then, many mistakes are avoided, not all; because life is about learning, experimentation, successes and failures, one step at a time, follow the objective and guarantee a happy life.

Start by knowing what your inner universe hides.

Don´t think you have all the answers or know all the steps to take; many are revealed without you expecting it and this will not be a coincidence, it is the result of effort and collaboration. It is the product of performance, study and preparation that must be carried forward to develop all entrepreneurship.

Suddenly you will feel that you have wings and that you can rise above the obstacles.

The satisfactions will invite you to follow the path you have undertaken.

It is important to have the courage to review your life, and to recognize the achievements that you have made! and possibly remain forgotten.

Here you are today and at this age. With the difference that now you know that you can consciously decide the fate that pleases you; leaving the world a legacy or going through life without leaving a trace.


It’s up to you!


Ernesto Panama