Theory of satellite countries

No matter what your work or productive branch you are dedicated to, there are actions outside your activities that will affect your daily life and even the future of the generations that will inherit you.

Unfortunately, there are those who oppose the disclosure of the thought of people who give themselves the time to inquire about events that do not seem normal; and that prove to be negative for the development of an equitable world, where all the inhabitants should work to reach a better future for the family and the generations to come.

This restrictive action pitifully allows those who promote selfish goals to grow undiscovered, and that is why we are now threatened with nuclear war; the mechanisms used by them to carry out their objectives are no longer under their control, since the people with their vote decided to remove them from power.

It is at this point, where my theory of the creation of “Satellites of destabilization” makes sense again.

In order, not to lengthen this exposition I will limit myself to the case of how the world was destabilized with the “ideological polarization”. Cuba, according to my theory, was financed and instrumented as a factor of destabilization for America and was used as the scourge of Latin American countries, using propaganda and the formation of revolutionary movements paranoia was shown to be subjected to communism, socialism; of course this occurs with adequate financing and arms, whose damaging effect extends for more than two decades from the Southern Cone in South America to Central America and slightly touches Mexico.

It is in this way that these countries are subject to political and economic instability for years; preventing them from using resources to educate their population, having to dispose of them for war, in addition they are not allowed to achieve economic or political unity and therefore the possibilities of achieving their development disappear; these conditions only favor those who designed the system and they are the power in the shadow of US government. UU. Those who profit by maintaining control of the exploitation of the wealth of these nations. (Eg Oil in Venezuela).

In September 2017, it turns out that the destabilizing satellite in Asia, North Korea, has gotten out of control.

The former US government of Clinton, Bush and Obama, controlled by the government in the shadow, financed with trillions of dollars to North Korean governments that efficiently developed their nuclear and missile launch capability and now it turns out that they have developed and tested their first hydrogen bomb, a bomb more powerful than the well-known nuclear bombs.

It is clear that the government in the shadow, has lost control over the US government. Its policies and way of maintaining control over the minds of its citizens, and there is no longer the possibility of financing North Korea again and allowing the arms game to continue; Clinton, Bush, Obama and power in the shadow, have lost much of power.

For these misguided policies, old people, young people and children on the planet we are affected, and we suffer the tension of unpredictable consequences that we do not imagine will happen as a collateral result of a war in which we have nothing to do.

Of course, apart from praying, we can do nothing about events in North Korea.

But we can make an effort to carry out changes in the political and governmental structures of “our countries”, to demand those who have become propaganda means to respect and retake the principles of journalism, which informs the public and does not disinform as currently they do.

In our hands is to strengthen education and perhaps cut funds to the Armed Forces and be each citizen a soldier without pay, at the service of the country.



Ernesto Panamá