Corruption tries to impose conditions, but finally regresses

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


On the night of October 23, I listened to the Program Lou Dobbs (minute 31 forward) his guest was, Jack Keane a retired four-star General and currently director of the Institute for War Studies. Gral. Jack Keane

During the conversation, Lou quotes a newspaper that specializes in economic issues, saying that «the most powerful man in the world» is: CCP Secretary – General Xi Jinping ‘s People’ s Republic of China,

The journalist Dobbs, looks uncomfortable with which an American newspaper gives a foreigner that title, definitively he does not like it. So, Lou asks the retired general, is President Donald J Trump still the most powerful man in the world?

I have no doubt that the general did not expect this question and I noticed his physical reaction and the doubt was seen in his answer. Finally, he justifies his answer by citing the military power US have. Which is certainly superior to the joint power of many developed countries.

The dream overcame me revolving the subject and this morning I decided to write on these subject and other events that occur in the country of the north, our backyard.

From the perspective of this Salvadoran writer and sure that my success is not governed by external factors like the government of my country, or its president and less by the corrupt deputies; Less should concern me what happens in the US, where they now relate Salvadorans with MS and 13 gangs.

But being aware of events, I consider it important.

And it is here that more questions arise because joined to new events makes you reflect and do not allow me to forget the lessons of history, that teach about empires been formed, expanded and then they disappear, being replaced by others. This an indisputable reality.

This brings me to reflect on other topics recently developed and are current ones.

Let’s go backwards in facts occur in our country El Salvador, where our family and society are in crisis, but the flag continue to be led by corrupt politicians, many of them financed by drug lords.

In this situation, it was easy for a US president to demand that the Salvadoran people surrender their sovereignty, to salaried United Nations employees, to take away the corruption of the country; ridicule assumption because the underlying problem is the lack of culture and forgotten values.

Now this US president, is being investigated for the biggest corruption scandal in the US history and may be accused of treason.

During its eight years of government, the Executive, the Judiciary, the Senate and Congress, the three powers of the state, plus the so-called deep government (security agencies), government in the shadow (large corporations that finance campaigns and pay briberies to senators and congressmen); are all involved in the sale of 20% of American Uranium production to Russia.

Also involved in this deal appears former President Clinton and his wife Hilary who ran for president by the US Democratic Party in 2016. Important is to notice that was during Mrs. Clinton, tenure as Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs Minister), that this sale of the American uranium production, was approved.

By this very same time $ 145 million of dollars, were received from Canada and Russia by the Clinton Foundation.

$ 500,000 dollars were pay to former President Clinton, for a speech in Russia, and was paid by a bank involved in the sale of Uranium ONE.

This kind of evidence continues to accumulate.

Then the question arises in my mind.

Is only the military hardware enough to be called: The most powerful man in the earth?

Or the support of your citizens has to be added?

  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If the previous government sells 20 % of its uranium production in exchange for succulent bites.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If the corruption of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, prevents the law from being imposed and send people go to jail.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If his Justice, does not allow an FBI agent to testify before a judge, and give the information he has to prove the corruption in the sale of US Uranium production.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If he cannot legislative branch support to approve a health system that favors his people.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If he can´t prevent people with no proven identity from entering his country.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If deep government, it continues to fund terrorists in the Middle East and rise false flags.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If he is criticized for pursuing criminals who enter illegally in his country.
  • Is Trump the most powerful man in the world? If his secrets are revealed and no one is condemned for doing so.

I can keep asking questions, but it’s no good.

And will make one more question but no related to Trump:

Why should Salvadorans follow the advice and give a way our sovereignty, already violated enough, to the mandate of a president that my result in the most corrupt administration of the history of the US?

Thank God, and we did not allow foreigners, to come and earn their wages, with our taxes, pretending they will solve our corruption, when their leaders betray the security of their own nation.

For sure we can affirm the humans are only capable to be able to change their own life’s, this is an absolute truth.

Let us wait and pray for the American people, to solve their immense corruption and problems, because it is said that if the backyard sneezes, we will suffer pneumonia.

I hope they manage well they problems and delay the end of their empire; that for sure some day will end. And for us lets educate our people this is the only way to end the corruption and the way to be become prosperous.