Mayan Prophecies

The Mayan prophecies are fulfilled

On December 21, 2012 winter solstice day, started the Baktún 13 of the ancient Mesoamerican calendar of the long count.

Based on the beginning of this new cycle, it is believed that a New Era begins and that the planet and its inhabitants will experience a positive physical and spiritual transformation.

In this way, the new Era begins.

Personally, I think we are living this transformation.

What do you think?

Five years have been fulfilled since the change of Era begun, and these are some of the relevant events that we have lived: we have a Pope of Latin origin, a color president ruled the US, and Fidel Castro dies and recently. The Government in the Shadow is exposed, they are the financial elites that exert control over corrupt politicians and their intention is to establish a World Government.

Part of their objectives were: make disappear nationalities, religions, customs, borders, values ​​and principles. They were prepared to govern a world where drug trafficking and violence give way to an authoritarian government that will dictate new rules of conduct.


Far from us in Europe, the European Union (EU)has taken shape and was consolidating.

But in England there was discontent with the authoritarian behavior of the EU and English citizens refuse to lose their identity, nationality, independence and sovereignty.

BREXIT was called the referendum in which the departure of Great Britain from the European Union was decided.


Normally from far away the news arrives and they tell us what happens, and we believe it.

Different is to live reality.

The British people with the EU diminish their quality of life, their cities were invaded by refugees who do not adapt to their culture and they are forced to maintain them with their taxes.

They see their government subjected to the EU bureaucracy in Brussels and they are also pushed to carry out wars that are detrimental to their national interests.

The US, exacerbates the threat of the Russian Federation and demand Britain to join the imposition of economic sanctions; being their farmers more harmed than the Americans.

For these reasons and others, Britain in the referendum BREXIT votes to leave the EU. A crushing defeat for those seeking to implement the World Government

The prophecies are fulfilled, the changes have begun and those who refuse to abandon power and bad intentions, are giving the fight.


In 2016 elections were held in the US, and the change announced by the prophecies gives way to a government that was not compatible with the Shadow Government.

For the first time an entrepreneur, not a politician, wins the nomination of the Republican Party to at least 11 political rivals.

For the first time in history this candidate does not accept money from large corporations to develop his campaign, he speaks clearly and immediately is subject to the merciless attack of the mainstream media at the service of the ruling elite.

The candidate is called Donald J Trump.

His unpopular contender, Hillary R. Clinton, is forced to steal the nomination of the Democratic Party from the independent contender Bernie Sanders and this is how she reaches the nomination of the democratic party.

Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton, former first lady, former Secretary of State, had the multimillionaire funding of the elites that promotes the World Government, to whom she must obey in case she wins the election.

It is in this way that the clash of systems and power arises.

The MSM favors the continuity of the system and the corruption left by the first president of color who deceived his nation, was illegally enriched and perhaps committed treason by approving the sale of 20% of US Uranium production to Russia.


Wait, that the change is taking place, of course the corrupt system that has ruled us from the US, has barely changed in a year and despite the difficulties, the struggle that faces seems that the old evil is losing strong holds.

In the US, these are some of the achievements of the new administration:

  1. The level of unemployment is the lowest in 16 years. 4.3% (in 2009 it reached 10%)
  2. The Dow Jones stock index has risen from 17,000 points in 2015 to 23,000 points in 2017 (This shows a strong and sustainable economic activity in the US).
  3. The reduction of entry of illegals reaches 60%. (The criminality of illegals is reduced)
  4. Deportations exceed 170,000 in 2017 (Laws are being applied).

What benefit will these measures bring us?

Well maybe we can suppose that, if the US corruption for more than 60 years has decided what we should do in our country’s, manage to end the corruption inside, we may have a chance.

If the US pursues and punishes the illicit business, corruption, perhaps our rulers will seek to benefit our people and not their own.

I think there is hope. And a lot to do. Middle East, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Africa, etc., etc.


The world we live in is a disaster, right?

Drugs, gangs, families destroyed, insecurity, politicians and corrupt governments, we seem to lose the battle and others choose to launder money or be salaried politicians of rich businessmen.

But, the change is taking place, and of course the corrupt system that has ruled us the last 60 years must change first. Despite the difficulties faced by the new system advances and the old is losing ground.

Years of war, corruption, moral degeneration, families divided by wars, corrupt governments, lack of education, illicit businesses, gangs, officials who amass fortunes, an oligarchic class that does not thank and exploit those who generate wealth.

Did you think that this will continue forever?

At least the Mayan grandparents predicted the change and we are living these changes now.

In the US, corruption arrives at the top of the political hierarchy, involves Republicans and Democrats and in cases investigated, officials may be accused of treason.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid and received, bribes have been bribed to officials of the Justice Department, the FBI and security agencies, etc.

The clock ticks, tac, and humanity await the outcome.