Our Life

We are born, we grow and some mature.

We add years and choose to feel old or young.

Some conform to the imposed lifestyle and live without leaving a mark.

Others decide to endorse the cause of future generations and help them to inherit a better future.

In other words, the idealism of the early years ends up confronted with reality and disappointment arrives, over systems, politicians, structures that do not evolve, selfish powers that corrupt to enjoy privileges in complicity with (the fourth power) the media, which become means of propaganda; then you witness that this combination of facts and people do not allow the development of human beings. You are cornered, you are part of a class that is not willing to submit and when you raise your voice, you are condemned and accused of being against the system.

It is at this stage when the writer of these lines finds the way to go, the vocation.

Frustration, impotence and my understanding of reality impels me to «make known the truth», which remains hidden and submits us.

This truth is systematically hidden from us; and the hectic lifestyle imposed, the inability to meet material needs, prevents most people from seeing the reality that surrounds them. This deception transmitted by the media at the service of the same political and economic elites, pretend that we live in conflict between brothers.


These are the main reasons why I decide to dedicate my life to writing.

I think it is important to publicize the hidden reality behind the international and national propaganda that manipulates our wills, affects societies, and enriches a minority. It is the elite that seeks to implement new strategies that allow them to keep deceit and condemns us to live in poverty and eternal underdevelopment.

Posted by KarellyZG

With my writings, I intend to provide interested persons with the motive that leads them to investigate these events, so that they expand their knowledge and cease to belong to the majority manipulated with deception.

Learning about the world around us is the privilege of every human being; I only intend to open minds, that each person broadens his political vision, beyond what we know the Left and the Right, beyond the concepts of Capitalism and Communism. And that when the time comes, we can change the system that for more than sixty years has enslaved us.

My tool to make the truth known is the narrative. I write story, novel and children’s stories. Through these writings I intend to highlight the pride of our past, to show the dangers that threaten and affect us as a society, to reinforce our moral values, and to help our understanding of our close relationship with the planet and the universe. If these benefits and privileges, we want to continue enjoying.