The change of era we live … (Mayan prophesies, continuation)

(Mayan prophesies, continuation)

The certainty of our Mayan grandparents regarding the end of a cycle of 5,125 years called B’aktun and the beginning of a new or new era, is impressive and above all revealing.

Of course a human like the one who writes, has barely lived a little more than six decades; those that we have lived like sheep obeying the will of foreign bureaucrats who decide what government we should have, what investments should be given for the benefit of our nationals; and so the years go by and we do not see on the horizon the day when we will come out of the misery and poverty in which we are forced to live. (What happens in Honduras, is a reflection of the latest maneuvers of the State Department in the world)

Subjected we have lived to the government in the shade and its puppets the deep government whose objective is to establish a world government and they for being rich and powerful believe to have the right to decide and to subjugate the inhabitants of their new colonies in the world.

As a result of their wishes and plans, they have subjected us to wars, destroyed what we built, forced our professionals and skilled labor out of our land; with what they make sure of a competition for jobs in their territories that allows their profits to grow, because they will not need to increase salaries to their nationals because of the cheap and prepared labor that comes to them. (You have an idea of ​​the difference in the cost of preparing a doctor in the US, and in El Salvador?)

They make sure that the rulers, who impose on us, follow its guidelines and among these is: to keep the majority of the population subjected to a terrible education, which ensures in times of political campaign to manipulate that uneducated mass to achieve their goals. The parties in our country have owners who contribute money for their subsistence. (The one who pays the mariachi, asks for the song)

This whole project was developed during the fifth B’aktun that ended on December 21, 2012 and then the sixth B’aktun the New Era begins.

Now we are subject to violent changes, because the economic-financial infrastructure that was born in 1954 in the Netherlands in Europe, creaks in its foundations its walls begins to crumble before the advance of the new era.

This is how the EU (European Union) starts its fragmentation process with BREXIT. The United Kingdom is the first nation to abandon the European system of world government and less than a year later it is defeated who should continue the process of globalization in the USA.

An entrepreneur is elected president of this country who recognizes the needs and feelings of his people and disapproves of the globalization plan. This president claims the right and importance of promoting the national identity «America first» and wishes to return to its citizens the power that democracy grants them to choose their destiny.

A year later, unprecedented consequences confirm us that the change of era that the Mayan grandparents predicted is taking place. The USA, the country to which we have been subjected, is purging the corruption and selfishness of shadow government in a painful but instructive way.

It is clear with this process, that in the end the truth prevails and that the good will be imposed.

The USA, the country to which we have been subjected, discovers that its electoral systems have been manipulated and its democracy mocked. (Coincidentally the same has happened for decades in our country)

 The corruption of institutions like the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) the police body with a budget of nine billion dollars is exposed (Coincidentally, our security systems suffer from this evil)

The Pentagon from where the military issue in the USA is directed, is subject to an audit. And the corruption of the government in the shadow is exposed: $ 8,700 million dollars destined for the reconstruction of Iraq are missing, other missing ones are investigated. (It is strange that corruption has been a custom among the leaders of our Armed Forces in El Salvador and that the officer who gave Rabbit Island to Honduras is not incarcerated)

Corruption grows, and a Senator wants to prevail in the recent election in Alabama. But it seems that electoral fraud is being proven (nothing strange that as good imitators, the oligarchy imposes us candidates to the people)

The drug considered an «epidemic» in the US, opium (poppy) not only enriches bankers, cartels and corrupt government officials, but also causes death by over-dose 91 people daily. 33,000 people died in 2015 from overdoses, three times more than those killed by homicides (So it is not strange that in El Salvador the cartels finance deputies, ministers and for them work paid officials in the judicial system)

Insecurity in the USA, due to the proliferation of gangs, their free passage through borders and the non-application of the law to prevent their activity, is coming to an end (This preferential treatment for criminals is undoubtedly reflected in the insecurity that we live in El Salvador)

The aforementioned is the product of those who led the past era, a selfish and obscure power that sought to deprive us of our little independence and sovereignty, to become a colony of their global world was their goal. Today we live a process of change, we live a new era.

The shake of the control of this elite has begun, we live the change of era. «The end of the period of the fifth sun (which happened on December 21, 2012) has given way to a new era, in which there are positive changes in all senses for humanity,» according to Mayan priests and spiritual guides. from Guatemala.


Mayan Prophecies


No doubt these positive changes are taking place.

Of course, those who held power for so many years do not want to lose it and will fight to keep it, but we are going to defeat them.

We need to recover our values, our traditions, our family, to assert our identity and sovereignty in order to once again feel proud of being Salvadorans. Men workers who carve out a future of progress and contribute to the development of the world.

We are the resistance, we fight for a future of prosperity for each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet, in peace and harmony.