The higher self

We humans are the highest being of creation.

No doubt, that this statement led us to believe we are superiors far beyond reality.

And reflect about this statement is imperative.

Why we are the superior creature of creation?

This could be one of the answers.

—It is that humans, are the only ones that had reasoning ability.

I agree with this faculty, but I may observe that to qualify ourselves as superior

beings, does not mean that we are the greatest ones, fair, trustworthy, and less that we are faultless beings.

I will formulate two questions, with the intention to allocate adequately the role that as superior beings of creation, we must engage.

Do you as a superior being, has the power to decide when your life starts?

Does as a superior being, you have the faculty to know when your life is going to end?

The response to both questions is: No.

Then your superior being, turns out to be not so great.


Kaos Klub

Humans are dependent, at birth and trough several years, must be fed, acquire skills to communicate, read, etc., and this learning my complement them throughout the years, in the case they live enough.

The following stages.

Reaching the adulthood, a new phase begins.

At this age, persons will be graduated from college and will start superior education, but stilling dependent, because they cannot cover the costs of the university, others may become technician, so would enjoy additional independence. They in both cases should consider theirs self-lucky, as many at this age, will have passed away.

Age between 18 and 23 years, is the best period to decide which course life must be follow. After this stage life could be extended, for a few or many years. Who knows it.

Nevertheless, just few individuals take this important decision, since there is no one to guide them.

Once the decision is made, the following years are the single ones, in which persons are entitled to decide concerning their lives. This period ought to be the best for anybody life and must be fully live, so if death arrives depart with no remorse.

But in this stage of life, is when most humans become confuse and miss to choose the course of their lives. And without self-happiness, life would not be appreciated.

Life turn confuse without guidance and purpose and the wickedness of the humans, leads us to distrust our fellowmen.

This why people distrust religious persons. It is said, because «they are not perfect». The weakness is the nature of beings it is said about: corrupts government officials and authority’s.

And of course, within people there are those who are able to take away the life of menfolk and profit from it.

Individuals are among the ones that believe, that a few are the superiors, among the superiors, whom manipulate the systems, produce weapons, wars and death from where they generate their income and to hide their actions hypocritically, contribute to churches and charities.

This are higher creatures of creation.

But you, have you made your decision?

Which direction your life is to take?

Need help?


It’s never too late to make the decision.

Ernesto Panamá