When the years speak, pay attention.

Listening to Native American elders, I learn that going against nature is going against oneself.

That cutting a tree is to cause the end of life of everything around it lives. To rebuild another tree, will not return the life to everything that around him died.

That the end of the world will not happen, our end if it can happen. The world has the capacity to regenerate and has all the time in the universe. Our lives are finite.

The elderly also point out that the market value is above our moral value and that this is not natural. Reestablishing moral value is one of the great challengesof humanity.

They affirm that at this moment we have not yet reachedCuando los años hablan 2

the point of no return in the destruction of our planet and that the return to the right path is still viable.

What does the future hold?

Perhaps it is better that we continue to be unknown, for some reason the Creator did not give us the ability to know the future.

At least I am sure that I will reach my goals and that you can achieve yours.


I wish you the best.

Artwork by: Oscar «Kein» Cornejo

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